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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
If Rivet is irrelevant, then... well, ok, never mind the preceding bit, then...

Your question is "is it better to be a seller and miss the playoffs or a buyer and make the playoffs"?

I'll take "make the playoffs". As the general goal. I'm thinking that's kinda what most teams try to do. They try to make the playoffs. It's the whole point of a competitive sport. And since we're throwing out the specific example of the case where we traded a specific non-contributing player for a pick that just happened to pan out big for us and a castaway player the other team didn't want who eventually turned into a core player for us... well, I agree that cherry-picked examples are irrelevant. You try to make the playoffs.

However, smart management walks the line as well, depending on the marketplace and its evaluation of the perceived odds of various outcomes. I think the Habs, save that winning streak by Halak in 2006 were perhaps in a situation not too much unlike our current one? Making the playoffs wasn't looking too good? Then Halak got them on the run. Then they ultimately muffed it in the last game anyway after Halak had already started to show some signs of pumpkin in previous games and Huet was back. It goes like that. This year, our odds of getting on a run and being within 1 point of a playoff spot don't look too good. But who knows.

I wouldn't go trading key assets like Plekanec or Cole or other guys who I think can make a big difference in whether we get back into the playoff race or not. But recognizing the odds, the free agent status of a few other lesser guys, I think it would be a low-risk proposition to move Gill and Moen. I think that they, like Rivet, *could* offer serious value to a playoff team, and make more of a difference once _in_ the playoffs than they do in terms of generating a late-season surge to compete for a playoff spot. If the deadline trade market was such that I could parlay that into some futures assets for us, I'd be ready to do it.

You can't turn a cherry-picked example that worked for us into a general rule to apply in all cases. And you can't apply a generalization to a specific situation either. In general, I want to see the team try to make the playoffs. In the specific case of this season, I want to see them "try", but would be willing to trade off whatever degree of contribution Gill and Moen might make towards that for a high enough futures payoff. Given that the odds of getting in the playoffs seem especially low at the moment, and that I perceive the impact of Moen and Gill (above whoever replaces their icetime in the lineup in particular) towards the goal of making the playoffs to be especially low as well.
wrong you trade assets like Cole and Pleks now , while they have value

we are going nowhere with or without them , no playoffs with this lineup

Cole at 34 this year will never play better than this and Pleks how many more years of 50-60 points do you want with no jam when the game is on the line .

we will go nowhere for 2-3 years these dudes cant help us then ...REBUILD NOW

nothing against him but we need major upgrades and it starts either with a top draft pick or some luck where a Rivet trade landed us a stud in Max .

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