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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Ovechkin has used a range of flexes over the course of his career and iirc he is using an 82 flex. I repeat, you're using 2 extremes as a basis for your argument and you're using 2 very unique players with their own styles and skills. You can't generalize it as a 'rule' because it's simply not true.

Players using a stick that is too whippy for them will lose energy transfer on shots and passes, while a stick too stiff is the obvious. The player will not be able to utilize the flex to its potential, resulting in poor shots and passes. Does that necessarily mean that a strong player shouldn't use a whippy stick and vice versa? Absolutely not. Your example with Kessel is proof that it is not an absolute, but simply a very applicable and practical guideline that, thankfully, has no bearing on what kind of shots you take but rather to what extent you can put energy into that shot.
Fine, they are extremes. Second example, there is a reason defenceman tend to have stiffer flexes and straighter curves than forwards. Again.. slapshots.

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