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02-11-2012, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
Wasting assets on even more middle tier defense men would be insanely stupid. The last thing we need is more Carle's and Coburn's. Save the picks and try to get someone with #1 or #2 potential
I would disagree with this. Most of the names thrown around in this thread will only be moved for a 2nd to 4th round pick and with the Flyers it's going to be at best the mid-late part of the round.

Defensemen also take years to develop. Most #1 and #2 defenders in the NHL don't reach that mark until they are 25-27 years old. Using those draft picks won't actually benefit the Flyers for years and years.

Plus keep in mind many players play better or worse in different systems. Just because a player is having a mediocre or struggling this season with 1 team doesn't mean he will be the same with another team. For example Keith Ballard was an impressive defender in PHX and FLA but he is god awful in Vancouver. Ehrhoff was decent in San Jose but really took off in the Canucks system. Even offensive players. Simmonds is much better in a Flyers system then the Kings. Briere was better in the Sabres system. Leino in the Flyers system compared to the Sabres and Red Wings.

If the Flyers scout properly one of those average defenders could fit perfectly into what we need and sometimes fixing 1 issue can fix other issues as the pieces fall back in place. Kind of like what happened when the Phillies won the World Series. The bullpen was one of the worst in the MLB but they added Lidge and everyone else moved down a spot and they all played better with lesser responsibility and were statistically one of the best bullpens in the MLB. In an NHL system if they can bring in a player who can handle his responsibility the others can fall in place. Like with Carle. He has been terrible of late but when he played with Pronger he was very productive specifically because Pronger was so defensively sound. Obviously we won't get another Pronger but there are overall average defenders who do play a strong well positioned defense unlike MAB. The combo may not be as good as Pronger - Carle but it certainly won't be as awful as Carle - MAB.

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