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11-10-2003, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Oiltalk
Doesn't matter when your still giving up 4 goals a game. 36 shots. Kind of a bit much don't you think? Bottom line is the defence needs to improve in order to get the amount of goals down.
For Pete's sake, some people get way to analytical, nothing on the above post, i just hit reply on it, but anyhow, Salo's problem is timing, he is letting in goals at the worst possible moments in the game, even though Conklin let in 4 tonight, when it was 2-1 Rags he made some key saves, when it was 2-2 he made some key saves, he let in the 4-3, but made some key saves while the Rags were on the pp to start the 3rd and again made key saves when it was 5-4, ,THAT, my friends is what Tommy Salo has NOT been doing for us thus far and going back to the Dallas series last year, i could care less for stats, and that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold says so!

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