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02-11-2012, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
Anbody but you that is. again i know you wanted vokoun but at least now that were being exposed on a regular basis without bryz can we all, including you, realize that bryzgalov's shakiness stemmed from our awkward defense in front of him after pronger went down

Pronger was injured Oct. 24th against the Maple Leafs. Bryzgalov was playing terrible before Pronger went down. Let's face it; Bryz has been just as much to blame as the defense. He just wasn't good. He's improving now, but we still have yet to see if it will last, or if he'll throw up a few more crap efforts. His three games before Pronger was injured he put up .885, .821, .840, so he was doing pretty awful with Pronger in the lineup.

Can you please explain how we've been "exposed on a regular basis without Bryz?" We got exposed with Bryz as well. Hell, even when the team was playing great (last NYR game) Bryz royally crapped the bed. Bryz's shakiness is just as much in his OWN hands as it is the team in front of him. What's sad is that even though he's been gradually improving, he STILL isn't playing like a true franchise goaltender and he certainly hasn't spent a lot of time looking like our goaltending solution; too many backbreaking goals at crucial times. He hasn't proven that he can handle the pressure.

Bryz was brought in to bail out the defense and team when they aren't on the money, instead of having to see our goaltender suck whenever the defense isn't playing stellar. He flat out hasn't done that. That's upsetting, and makes his signing seem pretty damned pointless.

The only reason I preferred Vokoun is that I thought he would have gotten a more manageable contract than what Bryz would have gotten. Well...that turned out to be extremely true.

he did lose confidence and had bad games after but his problems were created by the team in front not despite their awesome play like you claim. i've heard too many times "we score so much and we have to just to win 6-5" the reason we can generate 6 goals is cause we put 5 forwards out there.
The team isn't creating his problems. The team isn't making him let Gaborik's goal in, for instance, or forcing him to keep his 5hole open, or making him give up a goal seemingly every time he tries to poke check. The team isn't making him keep his hands down at his sides instead of up, leaving the high areas open. The team isn't making him give up unscreened wrist shots he can see the whole way in. The team didn't make him put on loads of weight in the offseason, hurting his quickness (though maybe the training staff did...)

The team is failing to clear the crease, yes, and committing way too many turnovers. They play out of position on defense often, which gives up unsaveable goals. These things don't make Bryz or Bob's life any easier. But, the team isn't responsible for the rest.

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