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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Your idea of stick flex matching the player is detrimental. And it's your link, I just included the other 2 paragraphs that you didn't.
I realize it's the same article, it just expands to state kids had harder shots with lower flexes because they're kids.. therefore the stick flex needs to match the player. It does nothing to contradict the previous paragraph I posted which stated a lower flex allowed for the best wrist shot possible, yet that wasn't the case for slapshots.

So like I stated.. the flex has everything to do with you as a player. If you're taking a ton of slapshots, gets a stiffer stick. If you're Phil Kessel and don't even know how to take a slapshot, get a stick with more give in it. In most cases, people use both and it's up to them to decide which they'd rather have and what feels best to them.

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