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Originally Posted by ArrogantOwl View Post
Saying that a rule of thumb is that a whippier stick is better than a stiffer sticks is, as I said, just plain wrong. There is no such rule of thumb and the statement has no basis in fact. There is only what is right for a given player, and it is far more complicated than a simple generalization like that or even simply basing it on height and/or weight.

Also, anecdotal data such as I'm xxx and I use an xx flex really isn't useful, because we have no idea whether that player uses it well. The only FACTS we know is that it takes more pressure to flex a stiffer stick and only a player that can effectively apply such pressure can benefit from a stiffer stick. Conversely a player that routinely generates too much pressure for a whippy stick won't be able to benefit from the whippy stick and in fact will see negative results. There are horses for courses and courses for horses.

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