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Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan:

ok, here we birth I was a Bruins fan. My family is from Boston, mostly southie and Charlestown. My father moved us to Paramus, New Jersey when I was two. There was six of us. My fathers father forced him to play baseball growing up so he didn’t take any interest in us playing baseball. he was all about hockey, as if the three of us, my other two brothers and I, were just bred for it. My brother Kyle was a bruiser type, just a big goon. he had the luxury of size his entire life. he stood in high school at 6'2'' and about 225lbs maybe more, and was just a powerhouse. He’s two years older than me. He was a third liner, LW mostly, an agitator, just beat guys down when we played but he wasn’t “great” at hockey just “good enough.” I was a goalie, standing at 5’8’’ and maybe 160lbs. most people never believed we were brothers. My younger brother by one year, Adam, was 6’0’’ about 185 and played defense, but he was actually “great” at playing hockey when we “wanted” to play. He was just so god damn lazy. Some how i got skipped over in the body size genes hah, but i made up for it with looks. Sophomore year in high school was the best because we all played varsity together. We played on so many club and traveling teams and all that waking up at 4am, we played at McKay every season but it was nice to all play for the same school.
I started for varsity sophomore year and continued until I graduated. I remember playing against a few NHL players, Van Reimsdyk is one of them, he was godly. Bobby Sanguinetti was another although he no longer plays obviously. And Bobby Ryan. Van Reimsdyk was from Middleton so I didn’t see him very often, but he was a cool dude and was just downright nasty. Like I said, godly. Sanguinetti I don’t remember too well, Drew Miller was two years older than me but I often heard a lot about him. Bobby Ryan was probably the best player I ever saw. I was a year older than him and we often would hear about the kid from Cherry Hill. We hated the Ridgewood maroons with so much passion in high school, they were so damn cocky and rich, and Ridgewood kids always brought up Paul Mara on any chance they got. I played against these guys in traveling leagues mostly, I didn’t really see a lot of them. I have nothing but respect for any of them. I thought I was going to play in the NHL, most people did.
When we graduated high school I didn’t know if I was going to play for Boston College or Maine, but I made a verbal agreement to play for Boston based purely on how proud it would make my family. My older brother Kyle stopped playing after he graduated, went into the marines, and has done three tours of service and is actually on his fourth tour right now in Afghanistan. My younger brother Adam quit playing his junior year because he just wanted to party and play for fun with Kyle and myself. The summer of my senior year I played in a league called McKay in Englewood, NJ. Most players from Jersey would probably know it for its notorious ice. There was a play, it was a breakaway, the winger from the other team, Patrick Vinski, everyone called him “P.V.” skated towards me, my defenseman, David Magarro skated so fast to try and catch up with him, Vinski got the shot off, I saved it barely with my blocker, but got tangled up with my defenseman Magarro. They crashed into me and we all went into the net.
At this point in my life I had never felt pain like this before. My right knee felt like it was ripped off. I completely severed my left patella tendon, I was terrified. I tried to get up and my leg wouldn't move. I was carried off the ice into the trainers room, they cut through my favorite pair of pads because they didn’t wanna move my leg, after I had gotten everything off. I was just lying there hoping that I was ok. I looked down and my knee cap was in my thigh and the muscle was laying flat like I had a paralyzed leg. The tendon was severed right below the knee cap and the knee cap detached from the tendon and the tendon then detached from my bone., Yea that happened... I was brought immediately to the hospital. Fortunately the nerve endings weren’t so damaged they told me.
The rehab was brutal, four months on crutches and I had NO control over my leg. I could feel it but couldn't move it. I had to relearn to walk by swinging my hip to make my leg go forward until my brain and leg learned to communicate again. I was told I would never run again and if I was lucky I would be able to do a light jog. Most importantly to me I was told hockey was never a possibility. An 18 year old kid getting ready to play for Boston college with so much hope for his future, gone with one play. I oviosuly never played for any college or played at all anymore. At about 20 years old when I finally accepted all hope in playing hockey was lost, I became an alcoholic. Everyday, all day I would drink and smoke cigarettes. I worked, I earned money. But was in such a depression that I just turned to the bottle every single god damn day.
Finally two years ago after one of the worst nights in my life, because of drinking, I decided that it was enough. No more. I went to rehab, sobered up and went through the second worst pain I’ve ever experienced, alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol made it so I didn’t have to get up, I didn’t have to use my leg, I could just pop a pain killer, drink the night away and sob. Once I decided that that was over with, I felt that my life was starting over again. I was 23 and I jumped without even thinking about it for the first time in five years. I loved hockey so much. I put everything into this sport. I never felt the exhilarating rush I did anywhere else when I was on the ice, it was that feeling, I don’t know how to describe it but it was incredible and I missed it so much. I decided to go all in and train. I trained everyday for almost a year. After I was done training, getting in shape, I bought all new equipment, strapped on the pads and went out there again. Unfortunately it was roller hockey at first but I had to start over. I was scared at first, because my leg would ache sometimes, but I didn’t let it bother me. I played, and played, every day. And now seven years later after the horrid breakaway that injured me for almost good, I can finally play again and have been. I work, go to school, and play hockey. I play hockey in McKay again, some club teams mostly beer leagues though. I play as much as I can because god dammit I love this game with every fiber of my body. And in case you’re wondering I hold no animosity towards Vinski, or my defenseman Magarro, both of whom I actually still play with quite often. I just wanted to share what the greatest sport on earth has been to me. Everything. Go Bruins.

How long I have been a B's fan: birth, parents are from Boston, my father moved us here for his job when I turned two. Our house was and still is a die hard bruins/red sox house.

Jerseys owned: blank home before reebok, i think it’s ccm. Tim Thomas, Boston college even made me a mock jersey, but I never wear it. I actually hate looking at it, makes me wonder what if. Did I share too much? yea probably, but we're all fellow Bruins brothers here.

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