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Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
I guess you do, because some of those arguments are seriously flawed.

1. No, it doesn't mean "nothing," but it certainly isn't an accurate barometer of goalie greatness. Hasek was an absolute beast with Buffalo and MUCH more dominant than he was when he finally won the Cup with the Wings. Friggin' Antti Niemi is a SC winning goaltender -- does that put him on par with Roy and Hasek? And do you really think Hank wouldn't have won at least one cup by now if he were playing for Pittsburgh, Detroit, Vancouver or even San Jose? Moral of the story -- you can't judge playoff achievements in a vacuum.

2. Absolutely agree. My point is that Hank is only now entering his prime and finally has a good team in front of him. Expecting him to compete for (and win) 3-5 Vezinas over the next decade is not unrealistic.

3. Too lazy to look up head-to-head comparisons on this, but it hardly seems significant to this discussion.

4. Absolutely true. Hank's accomplishments to date are very impressive but nowhere near those of Roy or Hasek, and to a lesser extent Brodeur. My point is that, looking at his body of work thus far, it's entirely possible that he WILL have similar success.
1) I never said the goalies had to win the Cup. People clearly acknowledge what Hasek did in 1999 is easily one of the greatest overall goaltending performances in NHL history. What Brodeur did as a rookie in 1994 is also impressive. Hank has no postseason resume worth mentioning.

The reason why people put Brodeur, Roy and Hasek on a pedestal is because they were able to validate their regular season dominance with heroic/historic postseasons. Hernrik hasn't validated anything. As of now, he's an elite regular season goalie. End of story.

The idea that you want to toss out the trio's postseason accomplishments to make Hank look better is a joke.

2) Winning Vezinas in his current era wont put him in their category. He will also need postseason success. Thats why Dan Marino keeps falling deeper and deeper down the all-time QB list.

Olympic gold and several (forget how many) all-star appearances
You brought it up first. You're right. It's totally irrelevant when trying to lump Henrik together with Hasek, Belfour, Roy and Brodeur.

4) It's possible. Anything is possible. The probability is unlikely, but who knows. The Red Sox won two WS in 4 seasons so I guess anything is possible.

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