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11-10-2003, 07:07 PM
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Post Game Notes

I just got back from the Gardens. I was pleased to see the Oilers win, and Radek get his first of many this season. Anyway, below I have listed some things that stuck out most from the game?

1) Canadian Beer is NOT sold in US arenas. They sell Finnish beer, but no good homeland brew! WTF?

2) Conklin looked a wee bit shaky early, but seem to rebound after the first two goals and played well enough for the W. I didn't get a very good look at the second two.

3) Was there any hitting in this game? If there was I sure didn't notice it at all. Someone tell me the Oilers hit more often then they did tonight. Correct me if I am wrong, but Anson Carter is still looking for his first NHL bodycheck.

4) I think at one point late in the second and parts of the third, MacT had Torres playing LW on both the first and second lines!!! This guy seems to have really impressed the coaches. Six goals already and the number of minutes continues to climb. I didn't really notice the bull in a china shop description tonight, but who am I to complain about a two goal, first star performance?

5) The Ranger Fans aren't too fond of Poti or Lindros. I heard several boos, even when Lindros was announced for assisting on a goal. One guy kept yelling "Play the Kids" and "Lets go Wolfpack" every 5 minutes or so.

6) Eric Brewer seems to have played a solid game today. He jumped up a few times but always seemed to make sound decisions with the puck and with his positioning.

7) Ales Hemsky completely fooled the Ranger D on a two on two where he walked right in only to lose the puck but still managed to create a scoring chance. Unfortunately, that was about the only time I noticed the guy.

8) Peter Sarno had his ass stapled to the pine in the third. Symth moved back to center and Torres doubled shifted on LW. A guy centering the first line needs to be more noticable that he was. I have finally come to except that the Oilers really do need a legitimate top line center. I am thinking that Sarno's days in the bigs are numbered.

9) Jarret Stoll looked to be very poised, and in position all the time. Didn't seem like someone that was battling tonsilitis for the past week! If Stoll can prove to be reliable as the 3rd line center I think Marty should get a shot in between Symth and Hemsky.

Anyway, thats my report. Thankfully I have no aspirations of becoming a reporter!

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