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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
So that's the difference here. You have essentially quit on the season. I have not. I do not know that the team will "end up in the same end state". I do not think we will win the cup, but we are still a good team and could make a run. We made it into the playoffs on a SO 2 years ago. I don't think making a marginal improvement is a waste.

2 years ago we were trotting out Krajicek and Parent on the 3rd pairing and getting beat bad. So the top 4 had to play insane minutes. They would have killed for a Hal Gill 2 years ago. This year we're gonna be trotting out MAB and Gus and we could very well experience the same thing.
I am with you (except, I think we can do better than Gill... he's somehow gotten even slower this season... he knows what it takes to win though). I would be very surprised if we ended up with the cup this season, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to improve our team. We're not that far away from being legitimate cup contenders, and most teams have a go or two at the cup before winning it. Not just the rookies, but also Simmonds and Voracek would gain some valuable experience from going past at least the first round in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Two words: Sami Pahlsson.
While a 4th line center would be nice to add as well, I'm in the same position with Påhlsson as I am with Gill. He's gotten old the past couple of seasons. I'd prefer if we could get someone better. I would love to get Jay McClement from the Avs. If we can't land McClement, then Påhlsson might be the next best thing among available 4th line centers though.

Originally Posted by Tim Tebow View Post
I am probably in the minority since Flyers fans are in full Carle hate mode but I actually think Carle would work out fine for Chicago.

Philadelphia is trying to use Carle as a #1 defenseman. He is even getting more ice time then Timonen. That isn't him though and he is struggling. With Chicago they already have a top pair with Keith and Seabrook. Carle would just be depth likely taking the role of rookie Nick Leddy who despite impressing offensively does look very much like a rookie defensively.

Carle would have less ice time, play with a defense first partner in Hjalmarsson, and wouldn't have to worry about constantly facing other teams top scoring line. I think he would handle that role very well.
Carle is seeing more minutes than Timonen, but they are pretty sheltered as well. Timonen-Coburn pairing are almost always out against the other teams top line, they are the first pairing out on the pk etc. That said, if we do trade Carle and still intend to compete this season, we would need to add a top 4 guy to replace him.

I think I would look to Oduya if we're adding a defender. He's not a great crease clearer, but he can log some minutes if needed. Kubina has apparently turned his season around somewhat after an abysmal start, he might be an option. Grossman would be a bit interesting if we want to re-sign him in the summer. Maybe Hannan from the Flames if they decide to sell after all.

None of these players should cost more than a pick (not 1st) and perhaps some mid-level prospect.

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