Thread: Is it to late?
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01-14-2006, 09:39 PM
Drop The Gloves
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Thanks for all the support.....

I missed the skating lessons sign ups but I have a plan that will eventually get me playing ice hockey....

First, I'm going to get a job. I've been looking up how much entering a league will cost, equipment, lessons and everything will cost and I've made the conclusion that I can not possibly expect my parents to pay that. I think once they allow me to get a job, they will consider the idea of me playing hockey.

Next I'm going to start looking for a way to play street hockey, I know I could join a little league and learn the basics of team hockey. NOt to many kids play street hockey out in the street around me......

So I'll have that going for me and I'll sign up for skating lessons the next time they come around.....

I really think some point in my life I'll play hockey, even if its when I'm older....

Thanks once again to all of you for your support....

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