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02-12-2012, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by StreetSharks View Post
Not sure where to ask this so I'll ask you guys.

I'm moving to the Bay Area sometime next month, I already have a location I can stay in, I'm bringing clothes, dvds, video games ect.. but I'm leaving behind a lot of my big stuff (TVs, DVD players, ect)

However, I do want my PC to get there, It's a medium bulky tower, how would I proceed with this?

I know I can get it shipped there, but who would I use? UPS? I want a reliable provider that won't break it, also do I need to supply my own box?

I know it's very random, I've just never moved across the country before, thanks!
You can do UPS but they need you to bring your own box. At least that's what they wanted when I moved to Buffalo and then back to the Bay. Also stuff the box with soft stuff so the tower is cushioned. Better safe than sorry.

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