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02-12-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by PJStock View Post
So wait, you actually think Lundqvist would still be having a Vezina calibre year playing in front of that weak excuse for a defense the Flyers have? You saw first hand yesterday how Bobrovsky has been let out to dry, obviously you have not seen Bryzgalov in action this year and the way the defense plays in front of him. Bryz isn't performing as well as we would like him to, but he hasn't been a problem since the New Year.

By the way, why do so many of you Rangers fans have those matching horrid avatars with the moving Torts head?
Lundqvist HAS stolen games this season when his team left him out to dry. The rangers were outplayed in many games this season where lundqvist stood on his head to steal the game.

As for the avatar, it was our "playoff push" avatar theme last season

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
his and Bob's stats are just about identical, you are aware of that, right? you ARE aware that i've maintained that Bryz still needs to improve, right? or are you just jumping in without the facts ....
Yes, I am aware of that, and bobs is a backup on an ELC. Bryz has one of the biggest contracts for a goalie in the league. Are you seriously going to say that Bryz isn't expected to outperform bobs? It would be like me arguing redden isn't that bad, he's doing as good as a #7 defenseman on an ELC.

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