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02-12-2012, 02:38 PM
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I'll be posting updates on today's Providence vs. Albany starts at 4:05PM.

Albany up 1-0 early. Robins was in the box for boarding....just like in Friday's game. Pbees need to keep things 5 on 5.

Albany up 2-0. Bad bounce beats Khudobin. Bruins look AWFUL so far. Very sloppy.

Robins vs Nagy. Robins never got a punch off before being wrestled to the ground.

2-0 after one. Hoping for a better 2nd.

Still 2-0 early in the second. PBees have settled down but no goals yet.

Disappointed in the lack of hockey sense in Bartkowski's'd think that guy who got a taste of the big time would work hard to improve his game. But it's not happening.

Most of the shots from Providence have been from long range or have been little flip ins on net. There's no net drive today, which is what helped them win on Friday night.

Pbees got the memo and are driving hard to the net late in the second

Tardiff vs. Mills...Tardff with the better punches, as Mills could not counter several good lefts before Tardif takes him to the ice.

Robins vs. Kelly...after a huge open-ice hit by Robins in the Devil's offensive zone, Robins and Kelly get hold of another. Robins wins the fight easily but again put his team on the PK after getting an extra 2 for interference.

Providence on the PP early in third. Good puck movement, nice nice work by Hamill but no dice. Still 2-0.

Tardif gets one and they cut the lead in half. 1-1 late in the third.

Crowd is listed at 11000+...

Khudobin is pulled with about 1 minute left...

Devils score eaiuly on an EN. Bartkowski was unable to keep the puck in the offensive zone. A shame to send such a big crowd home without a win.

Whitfield awarded a penalty shot with a couple seconds left in the game but he does not score.

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