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11-10-2003, 08:35 PM
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For the forwards... nothing at all too surprising. It makes absolute perfect sense that RPM is as high up as they are at even strength. Looks like Reasoner and that line are continuing where they left off from last season.

York and Devo have also been a good combination for us especially when playing with Raffi during the season.

The poor performances have come from the first line of Horc, Hemsky, and Smyth. And I think a lot of those minuses have come in the past few games as well. The first line did pretty well it seems tonight... If the Oilers can get that first line working properly, the Oilers are sitting extremely pretty in regards to offense. (even moreso than they are currently)

Hasn't the bottom pairing defenders always historically had a high plus/minus, right? I seem to remember Ferguson having a pretty decent plus/minus last season as well from what I remember of your posts about it last year. Some of that is due to sheltering by the Oiler coaching staff, but the third pairing has always been reliable.

It's no surprise that Brewer and Cross are struggling. I think we've all seen it this entire season. We've given up more goals when they're on the ice than any other pairing. I still say that pairing doesn't work.

Thanks, though, Igor. Everything seems to coincide with what's been discussed. And I agree... if we can get the first line to start evening out their play and Brew/Cross (or Brew/Semi ) working... this team could be dangerous.

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