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Places to stay outside of Detroit or A2
Novi, Livonia, Plymouth, Ypsi (Marriott Eagle Crest is where all the outside football teams stay), Troy

As stated if you aren't staying in East Lansing, Royal Oak or A2 it gets a bit tough for the under 25 crowd if you don't have a DD. ** Even in A2 the buses stop at around 10:30PM and there are only like 3 or 4 places on campus for you to stay** Now if you have a DD then it gets a bit easier.

Troy has a lot of great places to eat and drink, but is about 40 min from A2and about 25 from downtown. On a positive note, driving wise, it allows you to get into Ann Arbor from the back way 75S to 696W merges 96E/275S/M14.

Novi is very similar to Troy, but is a bit s****ier. Has some decent clubs but again is a driving city.

Plymouth has a nice downtown area but not a whole lot for a younger crowd.

Ypsi is kinda blah but close to A2.

**Other options to look into for A2 is to sublet an apartment or something of that nature. Classes won't start up for a couple of days so you might be able to sublet a house or something for a couple hundred bucks. This isn't going to be a great option if you are looking for a nice place, but for a bunch of college students it isn't a bad idea.

Driving to Ann Arbor
If you are taking M14 in, I recommend getting off at the Maple exit and taking it around until it merges into Stadium.

If you are taking 94 get off on US 23 North. Take the Washtenaw U of M exit and take that all the way down until it merges onto Stadium. Just make sure you are in the far right lane as that will take you to campus and keep you on Washtenaw.

If you actually get off at the Ann Arbor Saline exit (Main) plan on being in a traffic jam for quite awhile.


**Street parking isn't an option really. Don't tempt A2 police they will ticket and or tow you.

Ann Arbor Saline High-School is kitty corner to the stadium. Usually at U of M football games they use the entire lot for parking. (Great location but expensive)

Golf Course- also right across the street from the stadium, but also quite expensive.

Downtown there are quite a few structures. I usually try for the one on Washington in between State and Fourth. I don't know if they will change it for the game, but you can usually park there for just 3 dollars on weekends. In contrast the other structures charge by the hour. The one that is on Ashley and first also does this but again this could change for the special event. There are also structures on Maynard (between Williams and Liberty), Williams and Main, and one off of E University. Plan on a 20-30minute walk.

Briarwood Mall- Has a huge parking lot and there will most likely be shuttles but you should check this before parking there as it is not within walking distance.

*I will probably add more to this post as I think about it.

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