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11-10-2003, 08:37 PM
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Jar Jar. where do i even begin.....

The difference between parcells and sather? sather hasn't been the top mind in hockey for about 15 years. one neednt go back much further than the early 90's to see why that team was in trouble for most of the decade {but of course it was the money right?}

The only thing sather has turned around is his car, not this team or organization.

anyone who expects a kid to be flawless has no business coaching in any league.

the difference between parcells and sather? parcells chewed those guys out, but you know what? he kept sending them back out there. he challanged them.

Kinda hard to accept a challange when you're getting not 15 minutes, not 10 but 2 minutes a game!!!! That is unreal.

Yeah the strategy of this organization has worked real well under sather. no playoffs and each coach seemingly more lost than the one before him. more clueless, more baffling.

this team has no roles, this team has future and this team cant do anything in present time either.

Lundmark has proved he can play in this league? is he flawless? no not at all. but how the hell is ever going to get better. if you are teaching someone to drive a stick shift, you don't yell and scream at them. if they shift awkwardly you don't throw them out of the car and back over them.

cmon, there is no justification for the way this team is run. every player knows it, every other gm knows, everyone covering sports knows it.

has lundmark made mistakes? yes.

and so have 20 other guys out there as well.

the excuse was pretty thing with malhotra, with lundmark its getting ********. all the kids we draft can't be that bad.

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