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11-10-2003, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ZIM
Maybe I answered without enough clarity. So how does Lowe trade Comrie without having Comrie signed? The team he was traded to would then have to sign Comrie. Not many teams would trade a quality player for the RIGHTS to Mike.
Not true at all. Ottawa's Alexei Yashin had a contract done on the Island AFTER the trade. Mike Peca as well. Fact of the matter is that trading a player's rights and trading a player are not that much different. The other club desiring to acquire Comrie will work out suitable contract terms prior to the trade or there will be none.

Originally Posted by ZIM
The offer sheet idea was discussed ad nauseum elsewhere but the gist of it is Mike signs an offer sheet for a small amount to minimize draft selections to the Oilers and a contract that has bonus clauses that are easy to meet but are not included in the compensation for draft choices. If Lowe matches, whether CDN $ or not, Comrie still gets the salary he wants in $ US and next year the starting salary is the $ US not $ CDN.
As I've stated before... Comrie isn't going to get an offer sheet. Call it collusion between the owners if you want but there has yet to have been a offer sheet for a young player in the NHL as of yet. Gaborik didn't get one when he held out. Neither did Havlat. Neither did Gagne. Neither did Lecavalier. Neither did Stuart. It won't happen.

Besides, if a deal such as that were to be made, you can be sure Bettman and the NHL would try and block that deal. Why? Because in essence it tries to circumvent the spirit behind the CBA and undermine what it was meant to protect. Who knows if Bettman will win.. but you can be sure there will be a fight put up. Would the other NHL team be willing to go through all of that? Doubtful.

Originally Posted by ZIM
You are right in that Lowe doesn't have to trade Mike, he can just sit him, at least until a new CBA is signed at which point all bets are off. So Mike loses a year and the Oilers lose their top center for a year. Mike isn't hard up for money but Lowe has no center now or on the horizon. The Oilers lose more than Comrie, at least if your objective is to have the best team you can.
Nope. I think I've stated this before. Comrie loses most if the situation fails to get resolved. Comrie and Rich Winter would have to bet on the total abandonment of the RFA system for Comrie to be freed from Edmonton. Do you really believe that to be plausible? That's a whole heck of a lot to bank on for Comrie.

Lowe currently loses an offensive center on a team that is probably one of five teams in the entire NHL to average more than 3 goals a game. Not really that huge of a loss if you think about it. Comrie loses a year, maybe two, of development. This means two years of not being in game shape for the NHL physically or mentally. For a young player, that can be devastating to a career regardless of talent. It's a risk/reward thing. If Comrie feels comfortable in waiting it out, fine. It's really up to him. He knows full well what the consequences could be as should you.

The objective for Lowe is to have the best future for this Oiler team. If that means Comrie sits until Lowe can maximize the value, he sits. There's nothing more to it than that really.

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