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11-10-2003, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Chayos1
Well i have been on holdays in LA and was getting nothing for hockey coverage down there so i am a little out of date on the Comrie front right now. From what i have seen this is what is on the table right now for comrie am i correct.

1) Lupal and a pick for comrie

2) Weiss and Mezei for comrie

3) Handzus and Woywitka for comrie+

4) Kolanos+ for comrie

5) frolov for Comrie

I think that is all that i have seen in the last bit and from where i am sitting the Philly and Fla deals seem to be the best ones from an oiler standpoint, but i am wondering what you guys think.
I don't think 2 is realistic(haven't heard it on the table either) and I heard a rumour that 4 would be Kolanos+Tanabe for Comrie+(the guy on the radio coily insinuated it too).

-There is also the Higgins+ rumour from Montreal
-Atlanta is still interested as always(just give us Coburn damn it!)
-Heard Sharks put Sturm+pick(s) on the table(off I have some doubt as to its legitamacy)
-apparently Chicago is still intersted but have heard very little from there front
- and of course the quirky Calgary rumour that came out today

Lupul not Lupal BTW

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