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02-12-2012, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweech View Post
He seems like the prototypical work in progress type of prospect. He grew quite a lot in a short time frame, so he's still getting used to his body and needs to fill out his frame. Despite his size he is very adept at skating (probably comes from having a former NHLer/coach as a father).

To me he projects as a great powerforward/complimentary winger, think Scott Hartnell. He also has a great personality, and from what I take from his interviews and scout opinions it seems he is his own harshest critic. He seems to want to gravitate towards the gritty rough and tumble game, which he is perfectly fine with playing, but he also has a ton of skill. It almost seems like he'd rather play the grit game than the skill game, even though he's shown the ability to do both. I have sometimes worried that he may be mentally limiting himself in this area.

He also has insane determination level. As can be seen from the fact that he fractured his wrist in the 4th game of the season and was still able to contribute physically and on the scoreboard with regularity before the diagnosis of the injury was discovered, which he later had to have surgery for.

I really think he has all the tools: size, skating, and skill and simply needs to work on putting it all together at the fast pace the game is at today. His bloodlines and dedication to the game and to improving himself are only pluses for him.

That being said I still hold that he's a long term project. I see him being slowly worked into the jets' system. Finishing his OHL term and then playing AHL for a season or two before becoming a Jets regular. I obviously have a very high opinion on him and will definitely go on record to say that I have absolutely no doubt that he'll become an NHLer.

Edit: Found a decent article on Lowry's injury for ya:
Thanks allot

I love what I am reading since I have a soft spot for gritty guys with character. I have mentioned it before but if I had one player that I would love to add to the Jets it would be David Clarkson from the Devils. He is a piece that would fit in perfectly on our 2nd line and PP. He is so tough to compete against!

I am looking forward To follow Lowry's progress over the years he seems like my kind of player. Seems like a solid 3rd round pick and I remember everyone ( the experts) liking the pick when it happened.

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