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11-10-2003, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by missK
And what's best for Eric is not necessarily best for the Lightning as a team.
True, but I'd like that they even tried it. Eric and Marty have a history together and with to fast and agile players could score quite a few times but we won't see what they can do together in the NHL if they don't even try that. They could do well or they could do no points at all.

Anyway, I've translated the whole article and here it is with probably few typos...

Article by Tuomas Heikkilä

Eric Perrin stuck in AHL stays in North America – for now.

Last season the center Eric Perrin charmed the fans of JYP. Lately his comeback to JYP has been rumoured quite a bit. Perrin’s Finnish agent Simo Niiranen says that “For now those rumours aren’t true. Eric isn’t satisfied for this current situation, that’s for sure. For now Eric isn’t going anywhere, not in Finland nor anywhere else in Europe. He is trying very hard to grab a roster spot in the NHL.” Niiranen also admitted that “Eric is not necessarily playing the whole season in the AHL. If it seems that he isn’t getting the roster spot in the NHL he aims for then return to Europe is possible. The deadline for Eric’s decision is of course the end of January. That is when the transfer deadline expires in Finland and Sweden.” Niiranen don’t want to speculate the possible next address for Eric. “Finland is a strong possibility if Eric decides to move to Europe”, Niiranen said.

Lightning don’t have their own affiliation

Perrin signed a 1+1 contract with the NHL team Tampa Bay Lightning last summer. He played three exhibition games as a Lightning getting three points, but still got sent to a AHL team after the training camp was over. To make things even more difficult for Eric Perrin, Tampa Bay doesn’t have their own affiliation. They put their players there where they can fit them. This early season Perrin has played with AHL team Hershey Bears, which is technically the Colorado Avalanche’s affiliation. The AHL veteran rule states that there can be only five veterans playing for each team at the time and Eric is counted for a veteran. He has been scratched once due to this rule. To be counted as a veteran you have to have played over 250 pro games. Perrin has played in ten AHL games so far and those games his points are 4+7=11
“Colorado Avalanche players comes first of course”, said Niiranen

Road blocked

Tampa bay has currently five centers in NHL team roster. Brad Richards, Vincent LeCavalier, Tim Taylor ja Martin Cibak have all been played in NHL games this season. In addition, Lightning called up their first round draft in the 2001 Aleksadr Svitoc from the AHL team Hamilton Bulldogs. Svitov played 63 NHL games last season with points 4+4=8. Perrin’s road seems to be blocked at least to Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team’s roster. It seems to me that Tampa Bay Lightning doesn’t understand what’s good for them?
“Well, I think I don’t comment anything on that although I’d like to”, Simo Niiranen said.

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