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01-15-2006, 10:35 AM
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It takes more than two days to do a deal! My guess for Nedved is the Pittsburg Penguins for Nedved to be dealt to because they are against the wall in cap hits. They have no room to wiggle around with and they are one of the teams who have contacted the coyotes with interest. Here what I think will happen: Nedved , someone else off the coyotes roster for Palffy who has a big salary or Nedved and a prospect player(either a foward or defencemen) for Gonchar . Pittsburg needs to shed salary and even though Palffy has played well , I think Patrick will deal so of the higher priced players. Gonchar to me would be a great fit, sure he isn't playing well but it might be a case of him needing a change of surroundings. In order for the Gonchar deal to happen we would need to send a bit of salary their way also. The Gonchar deal would be good but salary isn't.