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02-12-2012, 09:11 PM
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Flyers: Sellers or Buyers

Let's face it: even if the Flyers added a good defenseman their defense and goaltending are so suspect that they will not go far in the playoffs this season.

I would much rather the Flyers not attempt to add a defenseman and instead rebuild their defense. I would trade alot of very good players to get defensive prospects and draft picks to upgrade our defense. More specifically, I would trade Jagr, Timmo, Carle and Coburn. Jagr and Timmo are great but they are not part of the long term plan for this team. Carle is a decent offensive defenseman, but is defensively limited. Coburn is overrated. I think we could get a good return for all these players.

I think even if we trade these players we are in the playoffs competing. But I would rather do a mini-rebuild of our defense than keep on watching this crap. It is to frustrating to watch this team give up goals as soon as they score. It is too frustrating to watch the d-men on the pk. It is too frustrating to watch this score 8 goals to have the other team score 9. Our defense sucks. Let's face reality and be sellers, not buyers, come the trade deadline.

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