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Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
I had Vasilevskiy as my n'1 goalie before the WJC anyways. To me, he's a franchise goalie if he comes over.

I always had an interest in stats and maths at school but never applied it much to sports analysis since basic stats like goals, assists, rushing yards or whatever don't have much predictive value in themselves.

However, after 1st reading moneyball, I became very interested in the "deeper" statistical analysis in sports. I know teams don't use stats much except for a few teams. Especially in hockey. Outside of Vancouver, there's not too many teams out there that will rely on statistical models to run their team.

That said, I'm simply a fan at home. I don't have time to watch X player play in Skövde, Sweden in the Division-1 league. So, I thought I dig deeper in stats, and general data available for prospects and thought I'd buil a model to analyse players and form my own opinion. Not that I don't care for anyone else's. There's still plenty of work to do on my algorithms, but still. That way I get to "see" players in a different way.

First let me say that I appreciate the work that you have done here. I also appreciate that you have stepped outside the box and look at things differently than others. It takes a lot of guts to post rankings like this or to take the time to make a mock draft and then people come on here and post things like X team will never draft X player before Y player. RIGHT. Because you know how X team has their players ranked. I did an entire 7 round mock last year, with comments, and its a difficult process since like you, I am simply a fan at home. I watch a lot of hockey and I read a ton about prospects. I have found quite a few posters and bloggers whose opinions I give value to, and that is how I ranked and mock drafted the players.
You may not want your team to draft X player over Y player, but don't act like you know that it won't happen.

That out of the way, a couple of questions for you:
1. Ivan Nalimov - a Russian goalie out of the MHL? I've never heard of him. Maybe the next Bobrovsky? You have him rated as a second rounder, what have you heard about him that would make you rank him ahead of Dansk, Korpisalo?

2. You are from Quebec not? I am assuming that you have had a chance to see some of these prospects play which is why you have Charles Hudon rated so highly. Can you give me any info on some of the Q prospects. I am especially interested in the d-men form the Q. There is noone rated to go high amongst the QMJHL defenders this year. Central Scouting has Ryan Culkin at #89 as the first. You have Dillon Fournier as the 20th and your top Q prospect. I too have heard good things about Fournier, just looking for anothers opinion.

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