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02-12-2012, 11:37 PM
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x2 on watching the ref's hand with the puck. His hand will lift a half inch or so as he goes to drop the puck. The moment his hand moves, your brain should be telling your hands to move. By the time the signal works through your body and your hands move, you blade will be sweeping the ice when the puck lands.

Face offs in your end on the left side, you want the puck to go back between your legs or to your left into the corner. On the right side in your end, you want it to go between your legs or to your right, into the corner. Anywhere else on the ice, decide before you go into your stance where you want the puck to go. Knowing in advance of what you want goes a long way to succeeding. Pay attention to what other centremen do against you.

Here's an old Steve Yzerman trick... if the other centreman is the opposite shot as you (say you shoot left and he shoots right): Instead of just trying to win with speed sweeping the puck back, you push your blade forward into his blade, creating a "T" shape, the centre of your blade hitting the toe of his. You push his stick into his own feet, clearing the dot. The puck lands and your stick swings back and you backhand the puck behind you. It's all done in a very quick motion. If he shoots the same as you, sweep his blade out of the dot sideways, either forehand or backhand.

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