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02-13-2012, 06:17 AM
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yes we do have 30 more powerplays for than any other team but it seems like these pp only happen when a game is way out of hand due to some bad calls( or non calls) look at the boston game, we had almost 4 or maybe it was five bad calls and went down by 3 before the refs started calling things in our favor, by the end we had 2 more pp than boston but the damage was done.

the devils game, trip on giroux and a goal and then another before the frustration was over THEN we got some decent calls.

ny non call on schenn being interfered with and then giroux is taken down on a breakaway with no contact to the puck, then once its to late we get some calls.

all i'm saying is that we seem to be the team who gets the make up calls more than the bad in our favor calls

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