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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
That is right in the middle as far as his career goes. Ranks 8th of 15 seasons, and is above his career average of 78.65%.
His career average isn't very relevant, but yes, that is his 8th best season Vs2. It is fairly average for his non-high-peak seasons, but like many players, Stewart had a high-peak which is a very important part of his value. His top-3 scoring seasons are 116, 100...87.

I guess the question becomes how much of that high peak is captured if you're playing him at wing, because the Nels Stewart who rumbled on with scoring finishes in the 70's-80's range for a lot of years is not the Nels Stewart you draft in top 120. If you want that at the wing, you're much better off taking Johnny Bucyk.

edit: by the way, arrbez, the above comparison is what I meant when I said that the ATD is not like an international (...all-star...) team. At any given place in the draft, the differences in talent available at center or wing are generally on the scale of Stewart vs. Bucyk, not Malkin vs. Neal. Stewart, as a center, was certainly a more effective scorer than Bucyk, but if he loses only some of his edge at the less-preferred position, it starts to look like you're better off with the natural winger.

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