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02-13-2012, 07:36 AM
yev kassem
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Originally Posted by Badgerfan View Post
If Torts can get him going away from the puck then he is going to be a stud.

Unfortunately from the dozen or so times i've watched him over the past 2 years he loves to just stand around waiting for the play to come to him way too often. Thats really the only negative I can find on him, but kinda a big one, thankfully can easily be corrected with good coaching.

He should not jump right into the fire this year. I agree with the posters who said he should go to HFD. That would be perfect IMO.
I have seen this kid play twice. Once live (Beanpot tournament 2010) and this past Friday night on NBC Sports VS. The University of Vermont. I was so surprised that there was no thread about people watching this game?

He is an impressive specimen. What jumps out at you is the unbelievable speed in a body that big. He has the chance to be a very, very good NHL player.

that being said, I watched every shift on Friday night very closely and have to agree with Badgerfan. Too much standing around and gliding when he doesn't have the puck in the offensive zone. But, I think this is a habit that is easily fixed and torts is the one who can fix it!

I will keep praying that they do not trade him! A 6'3" 230lb power forward who skates like Hagelin? Holy S--T!

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