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Bourdon has his rookie mistakes at times, but overall continues to show he might have a place on a bottom pairing in the NHL. The issue is, with the current state of our D corps, he's playing a fairly large role. Both he and Gus are averaging nearly 16 minutes a night. Ideally, we'd only be breaking 1 of these rookies into the NHL, rather than both.

As for what I'd do, I've mentioned my opinion in a number of threads but I guess I'll add it here...

I do NOT make any big moves at all. It's clear this team has it's issues (as I really expected since the summer); but that doesn't mean we aren't talented. If the stars align this team could make noise. That doesn't mean you go mortgaging the future in the slightest however.

I would see what sort of rental D-man I could get for 3rd rounders and marginal prospects (MAB and basically anyone on the Phantoms). Despite what others think, I really do think Hal Gill helps this team and he should cost very little. He will block shots and help the PK (which has been TERRIBLE of late). Gill leads the best PK team in the league in SH/TOI.

The only significant roster piece I'd move is JVR (everyone knows I don't like him), but I think that's unlikely given his concussion. I'm also not convinced these rumblings of us moving a D for real. I'd trade Carle or Mesz or maybe Coburn if the price was right, but I just don't see that happening when we need D so bad ourselves.

In summary, very minor move(s), to marginally improve the D and PK. Don't move any significant pieces at all (read 2nd round or greater). It doesn't make sense to make a splash with a team THIS young, that is having growing pains. We also need further clarity around Pronger (even though it looks like he's done, you really need to be 100% sure before you can go replacing his salary).

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