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i considered backstrom, and i have wanted to research him more, but he is like a lesser modano and i wanted to be able to match up with big F's.

it seems to be a common opinion that backstrom could have been a star if he had played for a different team that gave him a bigger role. he was a huge star in junior.

in '62, in addition to trade of harvey to NYR, beliveau, moore and henri richard missed a significant number of games (and geoffrion missed 8. all 4 were below a point per game.), but habs broke the record for goals by a team with 259. 2nd most was TML at 232.

shows the great depth of habs of that era.

Originally Posted by jarek View Post
I know this isn't very relevant to the ATD, but a lot of people complain that Zetterberg hasn't played wing in so long that they don't understand why he still has the eligibility in Yahoo fantasy. He's definitely a way stronger center than wing here, I think, and for that matter, so is Datsyuk.. enough so that I don't think either should be played as wingers in the ATD (and with Datsyuk's faceoff ability, why would you play him at wing anyways?).

Looking back at data on, Zetterberg has taken virtually the same amount of faceoffs as Datsyuk during their careers together (in some cases, more). They've basically played the same amount of center. Before the lockout, however, the faceoff data shows pretty clearly that Zetterberg played a lot of wing.
datsyuk only played mostly LW in '08. zetterberg played mostly LW in '03 and '04, and played both in '07, '11 and a small amount this season, but mostly C.

sort of funny that zetterberg was voted 2nd AS LW in '08 when he almost always played C.

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