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02-13-2012, 10:04 AM
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OP, hope everything works out.

I think if the kid really doesn't have an interest that's fine, as long as quitting doesn't turn into a pattern/habit. My wife & I have some friends who are extreme 'homebodies' & don't do anything with their kids. Their kids have no self confidence, I've been @ the local outdoor rink with them & they don't want to be there for more than a few minutes, they want to go home, the parents pack them up & go. @ the smallest indication of adversity the kids are allowed to quit (this goes for everything in their life, not just hockey). The kids are getting to the age where EVERYONE in their school can skate except them & while I'm absolutely against being borderline abusive, they should be guided with a bit of firmness mixed with encouragement & be involved in some type of organized sport (or develop skill in something) with their peers.

Funny thing is that the parents are both educators. They're really raising the boys with a PC, hands off/do what they want approach & I'm already seeing sad signs of it not working very well.

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