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02-13-2012, 10:41 AM
Miss you Savvy !
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vCash: 370
Bruins: 3
Preds: 2
Regulation, Overtime or Shootout: Reg

Shots on Goal:
Bruins: 32
Preds: 30

Goal Scorers: Choose 3 from each team
Bruins Goal Scorers: Segs, Bergy, Marchy 5
Preds Goal Scorers: Weber, Fisher, Hornqvist 15

Shootout Scorers: Pick 1 for each team
*You must select "Winner by Shootout" in order to make this bet*

Fights: Pick 2 players for each team and period in which they fight
Fight 1 and Period: Mcgrattan, Thornton 1st
Fight 2 and Period: Mcgrattan, Thornton 2nd

3 Stars as per NHL:
1st star: Bergy 15
2nd star: Marchy
3rd star: Seggie 5

Game total = 40
Grand Total = 270

"Bergeron...Bergeron !!!"
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