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02-13-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by blokeyhighlander View Post
I'm wondering if having an NHL coach who was respected as a force in the game is the reason for Semin's turn around. He's consistently back-checking and even going to the corners from time to time. I bet he tuned Bruce out but is more willing to listen to Hunter.

I'm seeing zero defensive effort in Ovi's game. It's just been brutal this year watching him stand up tall and not pressuring the puck.
I agree with the Dale/Semin thing. Dale played with a guy in Quebec, Michel Goulet, who had the same skillset as Semin -- highly skilled, great scoring instincts, and put up great numbers for several years. But the guy also was good defensively. I think Dale respects Semin's skill set, and didn't prejudge him on the whole "lazy" and "defensively irresponsible" thing -- and has really gotten through to him. When's the last time he took a bad penalty (no doubt jinxing him tonight)?

As for Ovie, it's still painful watching him in the D-zone -- he glides, he watches, he reacts instead of anticipating, and he's still ready to blow the zone at the first opportunity. I can forgive him blowing the zone early - we need him to do that, and it makes the other team's D hesitant to pinch, but the gliding and the watching is just unbearable at times. He has just not assimilated the idea that it's his job to play defense too, not to just wait for the puck while everyone else plays D. Semin gets it - Ovi not yet.

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