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11-11-2003, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
Habs need their prospects to start doing something. Komisarek, Hainsey, and Hossa should all at least be in the Habs lineup somewhere at this point in their careers. One of Higgins and Perezhogin should have made the roster out of camp. So far Hainsey and Hossa are on the roster and but havn't been major influences on the Habs. Komisarek isn't even with Montreal, he is down with Hamilton (god knows why). Even down in Hamilton Habs prospects arn't doing to well. Komisarek is doing OK with 5 points but Perezhogin has 4 points in 13 games and Higgins only has 4 points in seven games. I think Montreal has to develop prospects better before they can become an elite team and I use Elite becasue they have potential.
That's such a disconnected POV really.

Higgins = 1st pro year/20yo/3rd line center in Hamilton.

Perezhogin = 1st pro year/2nd line/needs to adjust to NA style which will take probably 1 year.

Komisarek = victim of the veteran logjam on the right side in Montreal (who do you send in the minors to play him? Rivet, Brisebois or Quintal?)

Hossa = 1st NHL likely complete season (are the Sedins busts?). Hossa looks good out there, production will come with time. He's not on the 2nd line for nothing.

Hainsey: Talent is there, but attitude is a concern. It will take him more time to reach his full potential, if he ever acheives such a thing.

Added to that:

Plekanec: Doing extremely well in Hamilton

Balej: Night and day kind of improvement over last year.

Ryder: One more quality prospect nobody expected to do anything that looks extremely promising.

KEY: Prospects don't become impact players after 10-20 games in the NHL, sometimes it takes a full season, sometimes it takes three. The key for the Habs right now is to play their youth (like they're doing) and let them develop at the NHL level. Wait a year or two before starting searching for any kind of panic button.

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