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02-13-2012, 11:23 AM
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7 core system

The building process on how to build a contender:
Here is my take. Let's look at the larger picture. We need to first establish a 7 core system. The hockey brains like Pierre McGuire and company, they talk about it all the time. A team needs the following 7 core positions to start a build.

1 – Goalie
2 - Big ShutDown D
3 - PP QB D
4 – Big First Line Center
5 - Shutdown Centerman
6 - Power Forward
7 - Sniper

When DL took over we started to fill in those positions. If we look at what we have and rate the positions…i.e (1 is best – 2 average - 3 needs improvement) our ratings IMO look like this:

1 – Goalie (Quick) Rating :1
2 - Big ShutDown D (Mitchel) Rating :2
3 - PP QB D (Doughty) Rating :1
4 – Big First Line Center (Kopitar) Rating :1
5 - Shutdown Centerman (Richards) Rating :1
6 - Power Forward (Brown) Rating :3
7 – Sniper (Williams) Rating :3

So we need help on the power forward and sniper positions. Brown and Williams are complementary players in these roles. This is why I feel we are still in a building mode and not contenders yet. We still don’t have all the core pieces in place.

So how do we get those pieces?
Well, draft, sign a UFA or trade for them and find the right fit. That is DL’s job not ours. I think he has established the 5 pieces of the core, now we need to go out and get the last 2 and fill the rest of the roster with complementary players at every position. Then we hope for good chemistry and a little luck and we may be on our way.

The road is still rocky because I don't think DL has finished putting it together.

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