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02-13-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
It's not like it wasn't related to the draft.

I didn't come in and say.."man..I was with this girl last night and we had ****ing shots at the club motha ****as!"

Should we delete your post here since it doesn't contribute materially to the draft long-term? You could just answer me in PM or on Facebook.

Frankly, this draft while it needs to be more material based..we are on a forum. I don't get why we have to make such a big deal over posts like that..especially from someone who doesn't spam these threads.

If the draft is going to be that strict and not allow a little fun (and don't get me wrong, I find researching and all that fun) then perhaps I don't understand the purpose of this draft anymore. I get we are looking at hockey's history and all that, but it's still a draft..not a book.
one-liners only very loosely related to the draft get cleaned up.

my reply to you would ultimately cleaned up too, if it wasn't part of a 5-part multi-post reply... which I recommend everyone does, particularly if they want their one liners and "nice pick" posts to remain.

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