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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
We've gotten like 10 posts this passed year frmo people who actually have watched Kreider play say that the talent is there, but the guy floats a lot, and/or goes long stretches standing around or not involved in the game. We have seemingly hundreds of fans talk about him being a first year 30/30 all-star. There is a major disconnect going on with the fanbase over this guy.

Reminds me of Sanguinetti, where the equation was: The less you saw Sanguinetti play, and the more your knowledge of his game was from scouting reports and people online, the higher his ceiling and NHL readiness was. I really REALLY hope this isn't the case with Kreider.

If he truly is going to need Torts to whip him into shape, a late season call-up is going to do more harm than good.
There is so much wrong with this post.

I have seen Kreider at least 25 times since we drafted him, as have many many other posters here. From the WJC, to the WHC (I'll get to this later) to his frequently televised games, he's been viewed heavily from our fans, more so then any other prospect we have, a far cry from Bobby freaking Sanguinetti. This is the only prospect in our system where local people that frequently see these players don't have a superior opinion, we've all seen Kreider, and there's a reason we are so high on him. If he didn't have a flaw then there's no reason he wouldn't be the best prospect in hockey. What many people in this tread have mentioned, his "problem" is remedied very easy with a guy like Tortorella. For every person who is underwhelmed, there are twice as many fans that are incredibly impressed with how he plays.

Nobody has ever called Kreider a first year all-star. People have high expectations for his career, because his tools and skill set are through the roof, but nobody expects insane #'s his rookie year. Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan both came in and put up good numbers as rookies (Hagelin likely would score 20 if he played an entire season), and Kreider is every bit as good of a prospect. There's no reason he can't be a 20 goal scorer his rookie year.

Brad Richards was amazed at his play before camp. The Rangers brass think he is going to be a go to player, and he was selected over every single american prospect at the age of 18 to play with men at the world hockey championships, where he has looked great. He was selected by a committee of NHL GM's and coaches for that tournament, the literal be-all-end-all to this argument. Last year he looked better then Craig Smith IMO, who is currently have an fantastic rookie season in the NHL and looks to be a dangerous top 6 player. And as an 18 year old he was getting bottom 6 minutes, surely he can't be a hard working, defensively responsible player if he's lazy and floats, and needs to be "whipped into shape".

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