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02-13-2012, 01:17 PM
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Surely, systematized thinking is an important part of organizational success. The Lombardi hire brought that type of thinking to the fore. I believed then, and continue to believe that it was a great improvement. But there are pitfalls in giving too much place to rigid priorities. A decent example is the toy from my childhood-- paint by numbers art work.

In a competitive environment, when a system is widely known, it will inspire very creative counter attacks and cheaper counter-trends. What I worry about with Lombardi, and this can be seen in his reaction and performance through the critical arc that lead to the firing of Murray and it's aftermath, is that his leadership is not flexible enough to continually adjust his system commitments. There is a point when doggedly building through a preconceived war pan needs to give way to battlefield realities.

The above build model suggests that we need to acquire a power forward and a sniper but it doesn't tell us when this trendy idea becomes too expensive. I think that this deep into a rebuild flexibility and counter-tactics are needed.

Summary: Lombardi seems to be a decent to very good war planning general but the jury is still out on whether or not he is a good battlefield general (with some troubling evidence that he is not). And, any good system has to provide for flexibility and the ability to change when present circumstances warrant.

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