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02-13-2012, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by nitroglycerin View Post
WTH is Sestito or RInaldo is going to do in playoffs? By the way have you seen Grossman play? I mean seriously. You think we are Grossman type of player away from serious contender?
I was saying we need to upgrade Rinaldo or Sestito...

As far as Grossman goes, he is better than MAB and Gus. That is what we need. Better players.

It's beyond replacing MAB or Gus. It’s Carle, Coburn and Mezs and their inability to play solid hockey. It’s our goaltending not to mention. Not to mention inexperienced rookies and sucking on face-offs and up and down special teams.
Carle, Coburn, and Mez are not problems. They aren't winning the Norris Trophy, but they are solid defenders. As far as the rookies go, that is why I said we should also get a veteran winger to replace one of them. Preferably one with some defensive chops.

I want to get younger, I want to move salary.
Can't get much younger than this team is now. As far as moving salary, that is a never ending story. If we deal some big contracts, will get another big contract that people will be crying about in two years.

After all this time really? I guess it was not worth it to wait for Giroux? (maybe he will understand now? I doubt it)
That isn't what I said. In this case the team is close to a Cup. In two or three years (when these draft picks are ready) they may not be. I know that they still might be, but a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I'd rather improve this team now when I can see them competing for home-ice in the playoffs, than get some picks and hope in a couple years when (IF) the picks are ready to contribute the rest of the team is still in this position.

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