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02-13-2012, 03:49 PM
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Aside from hockey's lack of popularity, It also has to do with the fact that NY has a trillion teams, a lot of which are successful or competitive.

Let's compare to Washington.

Washington's one NFL team is horrendous in the Redskins, but they still get a lot of attention. Imagine if Washington had another NFL team, the second of which being the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Now imagine if the Nats had a little more history, and had a recent dynasty. Now add another lesser competitive MLB team.

Now add another more competitive NBA team with a suddenly sensation player with the potential for super star status.

NOW add two more hockey teams to the NHL picture in addition to the Capitals.

Suddenly, the Caps ain't the talk of the town anymore. The #1 thing I hate about New York is that there are no unifying teams. I'd rather have 1 team from every sport honestly.

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