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Originally Posted by otown View Post
Of course they are one dimensional that is why they are there. It is about analysing the team and the NHL after all. Who better than former players who have lived and breathed the NHL instead of more "wanna be hockey insiders" who actually think they are journalists.

Wayne Scanlan is the exception. He is a true journalist.
They are company men. That is all they are and as long as they remain uncritical of the Senators they will remain employed. Donovan is okay but the problem is Jason York froths at the mouth when he is on (going on about Chum) and he doesn't bring much despair. Todd White is fine for the most part but again he lives close to Phillips so he can't call him or other players out.

Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
I want Liam McGuire
Liam is fine...but then he goes: "I remember in 1934 Leo Dandurand had this great smoked meat sandwich. He had a dab of mustard and ever since the Canadiens adopted a 3-2 forecheck, with the exception of one match in late January against the New York Rangers, where their top centre had a sinus infection. Also, why isn't Paul Henderson in the Hall of Fame, I'm going to have a pint now."

Originally Posted by Stylizer1 View Post
You might not like his personality but he does his job well. He is respectful and knowledgeable enough to talk about many issue's pertaining to sports and I thought had very good chemistry with Phil.

Phil did a good job.
Phil was horrid. He would high voice all the time, wax about his agent and girlfriend and was arrogant beyond compare. Sorry he lost his job but glad he got replaced, even if is by the terminally bland Terry Marcotte at the moment.

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