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02-13-2012, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Swiper the Fox View Post
why are so many people wanting to get rid of jagr
he's still a dominate player
gets respect from opposition
damn near impossible to get a puck away from him along the boards
ability to hold on to puck long enought to get it to an open player is unbeatable
giroux and all the other rookies/newbies can and/is still learing much from this guy
he is one of those players you just keep
he's more effective , then defective
cause most people on these forums are impatient as hell. there's no ability to see 5 ft. in front of their faces. thank god these are only forums and not the acutual scouting/boardroom. I think we have great assets that are developing under laviolette nicely but their new and there's adversity to be had and dealt with and everybody associates this team with the one that lost in 2010 and its not. its all new and we did start over. jagr's intangibles and inflence on this team were a genius, calculated move by homer. I doubt he's here when we win the cup but he'll have had an insane amount to do with it when it happens. (jagr, not homey)

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