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02-13-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeney View Post
Ugh, the Bruins are the defending champs. They took over the Cup final when Thornton was put back into the lineup. From that point on they physically dominated Vancouver. It got to the point when Marchand punched Sedin repeatedly in the head, and not one single player did anything about it. It was the ultimate humiliation for Vancouver to see their superstar mistreated and disrespected like that.

The pevious year it was the Hawks who won it all (and they got past the Canucks largely because Byfuglien spent the entire series either parked on top of Luongo or running him over, and the Nucks had no one who could handle him).

Look at the top teams this year. Toughness, hitting, and yes...even fighting are a common trait among most of them.
Mistreated? HF is such a joke with this crap. They ask for a player that does anything to win, the Sedins were trying to draw a penalty. Boston had unreal goaltending and bias reffing. They're not the best team in the league this year, and just because they won the cup last year doesn't make it so. New season new story.

And in the previous years when the hawks play detroit, Byfuglien did nothing. Size isn't hitting and toughness. The hawks also beat the Canucks because of unreal depth and some of the best 3rd lines.

Like I said, detroit has 12 fights, Nashville has 18. Toughness isn't hitting and fighting, toughness is taking the hits. Datsyuk is a tough SOB, he doesn't ever drop the mits.

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