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02-13-2012, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by jake1 View Post
I see a lot of UND games. Blood has been the best player on the team this year, and he's on the ice for half of every game for a reason. He's a beast physically, uses his reach and strength, and reads plays well. The poster is probably upset that he took a 5-minute CFB penalty, which was a killer for three reasons: 1) shorthanded for 5 minutes, 2) Blood is the top penalty killer and was unavailable, 3) Blood was out for the rest of the game. As to the specific penalty and other mistakes he may make, when you're on the ice for half the game, almost always against the other team's top players, you're not going to be perfect.

Blood and Forbort play completely different games, and while Forbort may be a more promising prospect in every way but physicality, Blood is a better player right now in every way, period. In addition, when you say someone's better in every way but physicality, I'd say the physical game is a big part of being a shutdown defenseman. My prediction: Blood will be a physical force right away in the AHL next year.
You just aroused me. I always loved Blood because he was a my fav dark horse pick of that draft year. He kept tracking him and was upset when he only finished with a single point in 31 games. He was on fire since.

He needs to work on his pivoting imo, I remember watching a frozen 4 game last year(I think) and he was very strong and you can immediately tell who Blood was on the ice but his pivots needed work, took him a while.

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