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11-11-2003, 04:05 AM
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What would you do with our draft picks in 2004??

With the trades of Nederost Johansson Soin the Avs will have to reload in the forward department.

It means that Lacroix needs to keep his draft choices and with the way Washington is playing, it means 4 in the first 70.

I know that we wont replace Forsberg or Sakic with those draft choice. But when you have a deep organisation it is a lot easier to make trades.

With the presence of Reigher and Sauer, Skoula would be gone by now.

With the presence of Parrish, Carter, Abid, Vrbata it would be easier to trade for a Comrie (would we need him with those guys?) or a really good power forward.

With deep, we would be able to trade for a very good pick in this year draft and that guy could be the replacement for Sakic or Forsberg.

This question is this? Would you keep the draft choice and if so, what position would you pick?


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