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02-13-2012, 05:43 PM
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Giroux is the main building block for our team and is on a great contract.

1-fire the coaching staff. I never liked Lavy (other than half the season he started coaching on the Flyers, but I think that is more on the lines of you actually noticing a system he ran and Stevens you couldn't notice any system) and I can't stand him chewing his gum and acting like a pure ****** bag back there. He got lucky that he had a great set of defensive forwards when he got on this team to play in his system. Too bad half the players didn't get along with him and we lost Carter and Richards because of it.

2-hire a coach with a more equal style of being good on defense and offense. Someone that can mix up the lines and change up strategies for each game depending on the team you face.

3-since Lavy would be gone I believe our D's would then start to play a lot better because they won't have to skate all over the *** place and get exhausted then start making mistakes. So I would keep our D's the same and maybe try to trade for a big D like Gill. Gill would be great on this team if we didn't have Lavy's system, but with Lavy's system Gill would suck.

I would say that would be about all for right now. Our goals would go down a lot, but this team has a lot of good offensive forwards and will get a decent amount of goals. The trick is is that the team would be in better position to succeed on defense while not exhausting themselves in a high tempo offense and then being out of position constantly because of the system. Plus Bryz I am sure would get back in his stride with a better defensive style team.

Also if we still can't resign Carle because he wants too much money I would still hold onto him until after the season is over and then trade his rights for a draft pick. Carle is still our second best d-man behind Kimmo, though I wish he would learn how to not make those bone head passes.

PS this isn't for the off season, just for right now.

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