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02-13-2012, 06:04 PM
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Yeah, if you're paying for music, I recommend Amazon over iTunes. Especially since Amazon added the cloud service to back up your purchase (they didn't have that for awhile).

I usually get music via or from a friend on Dropbox. But if I really like the artist or even an artist I don't really like puts out an amazing album, I have no qualms about purchasing the album. Which is usually a digital copy because other than for lyrics, I have no use for CD's.

This year on Amazon, I've purchased:

Menkena - With You, I'll Travel (This is one of the better indie albums, I've heard in a long time. A little trivia for those who like punk music: Jimmy Menkena was a guitarist for INDK. A major transition between the two bands.)

Brendan Kelly (from The Lawrence Arms) & The Wandering Birds - A Man With the Passion of Tennessee Williams EP (Really weird EP. One track is experimental, one is punk, and the last track is acoustic. The last track is awesome, easily the best of the EP. )

West End Hotel (Brent Hinds from Mastodon side project) - Don't Shiver, You're A Winner (I really liked this album. Over the top, drunk sing-a-longs with bizarre lyrics. Great cover of the Misfits to top it all off.)

Gregg Ginn (ex-Black Flag guitarist) and the Taylor Texas Corrugators - Legends of Williamson County (A solid collection of instrumental psychedelic jams.)

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