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02-13-2012, 06:41 PM
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New to posting on this board but I cant even read thru all these post without making my point. What is the Flyers goal? To win the stanley cup or build up a great farm team and develop our own defenseman? To draft and develop defenseman takes what on average 3 years. This is the Philly Flyers we dont develop dmen well have other teams do that for us: Pronger, Timmonen, Carle, Mez, Coburn going into this season that was our top 5 that most of us where happy with. I dont care about draft picks, prospects, or rookies. People that complain about our lack of draft picks the last few years, look at our core right now of young players Giroux, Couturier, Schenn, Read, JVR, Simmonds, Vorachek i think where good. Every year I want one thing and thats the cup and thats what the Flyers strive for. Anything can happen once the playoffs start. You have to be in it to win it. About the Rags and Bruins are better then us we might not have to go thru them. 3rd in the conference in points with our current shaky defense and the Bryz goalies issues. What happens if Bryz gets his head off of the universe and plays great down the stretch run. And anyone can point out there are alot of ifs but I cant believe my fellow fans want to pack this season in and go for it next year. F That, what if Giroux, Couturier, and Hartnell all get hurt next year then that season will be over too I guess. We are the Philly F'in Flyers and we will be buyers!!!

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