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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
Ive had the pleasure of watching both play over 25 games together, and Ho-Sang around 60 times live.

Its really close. I think Ho-Sang's skills are probably better now, and probably will have a better year in the OHL next year assuming both move on, but its really, really close, which is a phenominal statement for McDavid.
Ho-sang isnt better in any aspect of hockey than McDavid. Im not sure what u see? U tell me in what area Ho-sang is better. There skating is equal. Stick handling id give to mcdavid. Ho sang turns the puck over a ton. Mcdavid uses his teammates more. Hosang is way behind here. Mcdavid has better vision. He seems to be the only player who sees things out there. Ive seen him set up plays that no one saw coming. Happens alot. He is more dangerous for this reason. MCdavid has alot more substance to his game and is more exciting to watch. He does incredible things in the flow of the game that make sense. Ho sang is a complete show off lets be honest . As long as he dangles someone he is happy.

Mcdavid has more points this year than Ho-sang. He is more of a team player. ALOT MORE. Ho-Sang likes to show off for no reason. He likes to dangle and spin around. Things like this have no substance to me. Its more a selfish act "look at me" i hear how the kids and people respond to it. Im annoyed watching it and some are excited usually young kids. Ho-sang wants to do everything on his own, this will not happen in the OHL. I see him as a show off. He stands out but seems more interested in showing off than putting the puck in the net. Hosang is a puck hog to put it mildly. Ive watched them play about 40 times this year together. In my opinion Mcdavid has caught and surpassed Ho-sang this year. I dont think its even close. Ho sangs selfish play really turns me off. His minor midget coach wont say anything, but his OHL coach will. Turnovers are not cool in the OHL, either is trying to show off and embarass guys for your own ego.

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